food is our passion 

We love food.  In 2018, we started renovating our 1970's caravan and purchased a massive off-set smoker. We got to work on perfecting our BBQ skills, and even learned from Pitmaster Big Moe Cason (as seen on BBQ Pitmaster Wars). We shared our food with our friends & family, and it was a hit. Southern food is unique, comforting, and outright delicious - making it pretty hard not to love. 

Food trucks Coffs Harbour

Ed Martin

Ed is an Aussie who couldn't believe how good the food was when visiting Lindsay's hometown in South Carolina (let's face it, we put a few kg's on that visit!). Ed's originally a carpenter by trade, but now has an addiction to being The Palmetto's Pitmaster. What could be better than cooking some BBQ, having a cold beer and enjoying the sweet smokey smells? 


Lindsay Russell

Lindsay was born in Texas, but lived most of her life in South Carolina. This means she grew up with a variety of Southern influences. As a freelance marketer, Lindsay decided she wanted to start cooking more often. After working on two famous food trucks in the USA, she figured why not open a food truck in Coffs Harbour? Lindsay is now sharing her childhood favourite dishes with Aussies in the area. 


The environment

Another passion of ours is the environment. We use Eco-friendly food packaging and are very conscious about composting & recycling. We encourage you to bring your own take-away container or cup to help reduce the amount of waste we produce. 


local, local, local

The more local, the better. We have an organic veggie garden at home, giving us the freshest ingredients possible. What we can't produce in our garden, we purchase from local shops and farms in the Coffs Coast area.

Read more about our awesome local Coffs Coast suppliers here.

Waste not, want not!

We hate waste! On top of our Eco-friendly packaging, we aim to reduce our waste as much as possible.

Food scraps go to our little worm farm (which then helps our garden grow!). Veggie scraps are used to make delicious veggie stock. The fat trimmings off our pork is rendered into pork lard which we then use for cooking tamales or other yummy things.